QuickQ Rack

Key Features

Four Universes
Two RDM 5-pin DMX Outputs
Inbuilt Wi-Fi for programming and remote control
Ten preset trigger buttons
Four Phoenix connectors for connection of up to forty 10Scene wall plate
Same software as QuickQ Consoles
Simple Hot-Takeover mode allowing external console to take control of connected fixtures


Front USB for Loading/Saving shows 9.7"
DMX Output ports 2
One Network port for Art-Net/sACN output
MIDI and Audio in/out ports
HDMI port for optional display
TrueCon Power Input 90-250v AC

Software Features

  • RDM Autopatch
  • HSV Colour Mixing
  • Colour Picker
  • Built-in FX
  • Chase and Cue Support
  • Execute Window
  • Audio Triggering
  • Tap to Time
  • Software Upgrade/Downgrade
  • Easy Fixture Personality Update
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